Advisory council (AC)

In accordance with the stipulations of Dutch law on participation in schools, we have a Participation Council or Advisory Council (AC).

The AC, who is currently undergoing restructuring, represents the staff and parents/guardians/ caregivers and the pupils, and defends the interests of these groups. The members are the persons who came out as the winners of the AC elections, held in the course of the past school year.

The AC and the school board

The school board is bound to consultation with the AC according to the following rules:

  • The school board should inform the AC on the policy plans of the school every six months
  • The AC is the counterpart of the school board/ management
  • The AC exerts its influence and the school board/ management take decisions after consulting with the AC.

The AC talks and thinks along with the school board/ management on the contents and implementation of education policies at the school. The topics will vary from school hours to school holidays to the budget, housing, security, and more. The AC together with the school board can contribute to  a  pedagogical,  inspiring  and  safe  school environment