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Education Results

CCSLC results 2023

The GvP School is very pleased with the overall passing percentage of the 2023 CCSLC exams. In total, 211 exams were done in 2023 by 2nd and 3rd Formers. Compared to 2022, English can boast of 3% increase from 97 to 100% pass rate joining the ranks of Mathematics and Social Studies as they maintained their 100% pass rate since 2021. Integrated Science makes a 4% decrease from its 100% record since 2019. Spanish receives a 4% boost to settle at a 97% pass rate with the least number of students to sit this exam each year so far since 2019. Still this year CCSLC managed an overall 98.58% pass rate, a 3% increase from 2022. Well done!


In addition, a few more students achieved the Master score in 2023 (46%) than in 2022 (42%). The ultimate goal is to achieve higher percentages in Masters than Competent, to ensure a better outcome at CSEC or CVQ. This year Spanish and Math lead the way toward meeting this goal as they have achieved a 38% (from 18% to 56%) and 13% (from 26% to 39%) increase in master passes respectively when compared to 2022. This is the higher percent in Master passes for Spanish since 2019 while Math had their highest of 51% mastery passes in 2020. English, Integrated Science and Social studies on average had a 6% decrease in Master scores.


CSEC results 2023

In 2023 in total 118 CSEC exams were written by our students: 78 by CSEC students and 40 by CVQ students. This year 61% of the students passed with grades I – III. Of those passes 78% was achieved by CSEC students, and 28% by CVQ students.

The CSEC students were rather successful this year: 10 of the 15 CSEC students (67%) passed at least 5 subjects with an I, II, or III (comparable to a HAVO diploma) and another 4 students (27%) passed 4 subjects with a I, II, or III (comparable to TL). They maintained the 100% passes for Biology, Caribbean History, Geography, Principles of Business and Spanish. For EDPM and Social Studies, the pass rate went up from 88% and 71% to 100%, and for General Economics from 40% to 67%. Unfortunately, the scores for Math hardly improved, from 25% to 27%, and the pass rates for Additional Math, Chemistry, English, and Physics decreased. The amount of CSEC students awarded a CSEC diploma increased from 82% in 2021 and 2022 to 93% in 2023.

The GvP School continuous to encourage CVQ students to write CSEC subjects of their choice, in addition to their CVQ program. With a view to their labor market and/or further education opportunities, all CVQ students are to write CSEC English and EDPM. In 2023, in total 40 CSEC exams were written by CVQ students from the 4th and 5th Form. Unfortunately, only 11 were passed (28%).

The amount of CSEC students awarded a school diploma as they wrote the Advanced Dutch exam, increased from 0% to 50%. Two of the four students passed the required level B2 for Advanced Dutch. The pass rate for Basic Dutch (level B1) remained at 0%. The amount of CVQ students awarded a school diploma as they wrote the Advanced Dutch exam, increased from 50% in 2022 to 100% in 2023. The pass rate for the Basic Dutch (level A2) increased from 7% to 47%.