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GvP School and SDA School collaborate in Form 1 class

Per schoolyear 2022-2023, the GvP School and SDA School collaborate in organizing the so-called SDA Form 1 class. In school year 2021-2022 the parents and guardians of 12 group 8 students stated their intend to enroll their children in the CCSLC program at the SDA Academy that was to be established. These parents prefer a more protected and small-scale educational environment (than the GvP School) for their children. However, in July 2022 it became clear that the SDA Academy was not granted approval from the ministry of Education, Culture and Science for the school year 2022-2023. Upon request from the SDA School, the GvP School agreed to collaborate with the SDA School in organizing the so-called SDA Form 1 class in 2022-2023. By this, the GvP School contributes to finding adequate solutions for Statia’s parents/guardians in finding the appropriate educational environment for their children.

As demanded by law, the five CCSLC core subjects (English, Math, Integrated Science, Social Studies and Spanish), Dutch, Physical Education and Citizenship Education are part of the SDA Form 1 curriculum. Other subjects that are taught are Information Technology, Technical Science, History, Art & Music and Bible Connection. All classes are taught at the Newton’s Pasture SDA Church’s classrooms, by teachers employed by the SDA School.

However, the SDA Form 1 students are registered at GvP School and the GvP School is ultimately responsible for the quality of education. The GvP School ensures that SDA School’s teachers are qualified and manages the quality of their pedagogical-didactical actions in the classroom. To keep close track of the SDA Form 1 students, all their results, as well as their behavior and well-being, are registered in the GvP School’s Magister. Furthermore, the period planners (including test weeks), school-based assessments, and use of (digital) learning resources are aligned, and the subject teachers participate jointly in sector meetings and CCSLC-related workshops.