Absenteeism is a habitual pattern of absence from the duty or obligation to attend classes. The Gwendoline Van Putten School registers the absenteeism of pupils in a digital system. In this digital system, a distinction is made between authorised and unauthorised absenteeism. Students who do not give notice of their absence, according to the procedure are always registered as unauthorised absent. These records are passed to the Office of the Compulsory Education. A high absenteeism and/or no positive change can lead to sanctions (Afternoon detention, internal suspension, or an official report to the prosecutor/ judge). 

The procedure is as follows:


If a student is late for class he/she is expected to report immediately at the school’s administration’s office to collect a late letter. If the student reports to class without this late letter the teacher is entitled to send him/her to the office to collect a late letter. The subject teacher registers the student’s tardiness in the Magister. The administration puts the student’s name on the list of late comers and it is expected of him/her that he/she reports for detention (which is every school day from 3 to 4 o’ clock) on the same day of his/her tardiness. If the student fails to report for detention after being late, his/her time will be doubled. Students who totally neglect this rule run the risk of being suspended.



Giving notice of your child’s illness should be done before 8:30 by telephone (00599) 318-2129. Sickness notice also applies to job training days. The parent/guardian reports:

  • First name and last name
  • Class
  • Mentor’s name
  • Reason of notice for their absence
  • Prognosis for recovery (when might they back at school?)



The student must give all sickness notices to the Administration Office, mentor or the Department Leader during or throughout the day. They will receive an illness letter that must be signed by the Administration Office, Department Leader and the parents.


If the absence lasts longer than two days (This counts for school as well as job training) the parent must make contact with the school again.


If the absence is reported on time by means of the above mentioned telephone number, when the student is present again he/she, their parent and or guardian must turn in a letter to the Administration Office. In the letter the reason of absence must be stated. This letter will be used as a form of confirmation to prevent inaccurate phone call messages.


If you don’t call before 8:30 a.m., you are requested to call as soon as possible on the same phone number. The Administration will register the absence as authorised from that moment on. The time before that will be registered as unauthorised, and this will be reported to the Compulsory Education Officer.


 A planned absence (for dentist, doctor’s or orthodontist visit) should take place after classes. In cases of urgency you are requested to ask for this time off in the form of a letter. This letter should be signed by the child’s parent or guardian. This same letter will be stamped at the Administration office. Without sick leave request, or a letter, the student will be registered as unauthorized absent.


At the GVP what tardiness is concerned the 3-6-9 rule is applied. This means that: If the student is late 3 times in a month he/she receives a warning from his/her mentor. Six times late in a month results in you as parents having to report to school to give account of the aforementioned. Nine times late in a month has as consequence that a meeting will be called with you as parents, the department head and the principal. The compulsory education officer will be informed.


Nine times late in the same month, both you as parents and your son/daughter will be called in by the compulsory education officer. If after having dealt with the compulsory education officer, your child continues coming late to school, you as parents will be severely dealt with, with a fine of minimum $280 and maximum $2000