GvP school


School departments

A department per program: PrO, CCSLC, CVQ and CSEC

Every year students from group 8 will transfer to Form 1 at the GvP School. After consultation with the group 8 teacher, the primary school’s Care Team and the GvP School’s Placement Committee, the students are placed in the program that best fits their educational level and needs. This placement procedure is performed with the utmost care and in the best interest of the student.

The programs in Form 1 are:

  • Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC)
  • Practical Stream/ Hands-on Learning (PrO)

After completing the CCSLC program, students continue in the Caribbean Vocational (CVQ) program, or the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) program.  

Students completing PrO can continue in the CVQ program, at New Challenges Foundation (NCF) or start with a job in the workforce. 


Practical Stream/ Hands-on Learning


Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence


Caribbean vocational qualification


Caribbean secondary education certificate