GvP school


Education time

Seeing the importance of mastering the basic skills, all students at the GvP School, from Form 1 up until Form 5, have a minimum of 5 lesson hours per week in the subjects Math, English, and Dutch. For certain classes (for example the Language Class) this might be different.

The GvP School commits itself to offering the students a wide range of subjects that contribute to the students’ cognitive, social emotional and creative development. In that respect, we offer students in the lower forms Digital Literacy, Physical Education, Arts or Music, and Technical Arts.

In accordance with CXC standards, CSEC subjects in Forms 4 and 5 are scheduled for 5 lesson hours per week. For certain subjects (for example Principle of Business and Economics) this might be less. Students choose a minimum of 2 electives, in addition to their mandatory subjects (English, Math, Dutch, Social Studies and EDPM).

CVQ students spend on average of 9 lesson hours on their CVQ in Forms 4 and 5. In addition to the CVQ, the mandatory subjects (English, Dutch, Math, Social Studies and EDPM) are scheduled for a combined total of 20 lesson hours.

All students in 4th and 5th Form have 1 lesson hour of career orientation and guidance (LOB). The LOB lessons are not always visible in the schedule. At times we collaborate with other organizations and offer specific workshops after school hours. These workshops are part of the LOB program and therefore mandatory for students.

In the PrO-program, in addition to the core subjects English, Dutch, and Arithmetic, a lot of emphasis is placed on the practical subjects. For example, General Construction, Technical Arts and Hospitality in the first two years. And Welding, Hospitality and Automotive from 3rd Form.