GvP school


participation council (Medezeggenschapsraad / MR)

In accordance with the stipulations of Dutch education laws on participation in schools, the GvP School is to have a Participation Council or Medezeggenschapsraad (MR). The members of the MR represent the staff, the parents/guardians and the students. 

The MR is currently undergoing restructuring. Elections will be held to determine who will participate in the MR and represent their respective section.

The MR and the school board

The school board is bound to consultation with the MR according to the following rules:

  • The school board should inform the MR on the policy plans of the school every six months
  • The MR is the counterpart of the school board/ management
  • The MR exerts its influence and the school board/ management take decisions after consulting with the MR.

The MR shares its thoughts with the school board/management on the contents and implementation of the school’s policies. The topics will vary from school hours and school uniforms to the school’s budget, housing, security, and more.

The MR  together with the school board/management can contribute to a pedagogical,  inspiring and safe school environment.