GvP school


GVP SCHOOL PLAN 2022-2026​

Together with our Management Team, Teachers, Support Staff and School Board, the GvP School’s Directorate is dedicated to continuing working hard in full support of our students’ education and wellbeing.  We are excited to offer various educational programs, catering to the strengths of each student. It is the school’s mission to offer students a challenging curriculum and an inspiring learning environment. This will enable them to develop their talents, build their self-esteem and find their sense of self. We hope that students enjoy being at school, that they feel safe and respected.  Additionally, our educational approach allows students to get actively involved in their education. They have various opportunities to do this in the classroom via projects and assignments and outside of the classroom through the Student Council,  House Competitions and other extracurricular activities. As all this is important for students to be able to learn, to grow and to succeed.


The school plan 2022-2026 outlines the vision of the GvP School, how we intend to realize our ambitions, and the type of effort and investment that will be required from us. It includes our targets and interventions taken as part of the school’s development plan, our National Program of Education (NPE) school program, and the (intended) Third Educational Agenda Caribbean (St. Eustatius). These plans were created by the directorate and management team with the input of teachers and support staff, students, and their parents, and established by the School Board.