GvP school



The Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) is general secondary education, following the CCSLC program. The CSEC program includes at least 5 subjects, of which English and Math are mandatory. At the GvP School, the subjects Dutch, Social Studies and Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM) are also compulsory for CSEC students.

CSEC students can choose from two profiles, namely:

  • The Alpha profile, which contains the subjects: Caribbean history, principles of business, general economics, Spanish, math, social studies, and physical education
  • The Beta profile, which contains the subjects: biology, chemistry, physics, math, social studies, and physical education

CSEC students are encouraged to take CVQ subjects as electives as well.

The average duration of CSEC is 2 years. The duration of stay depends on the students’ performance. Academically strong students, able to finish the required modules for their subjects more rapidly, can complete their program in less than 2 years. Students must complete the various school-based assessments (SBA’s). The SBA is a set of assessment tasks, assignments and/or projects conducted in the school and carried out by the students. The teacher assesses the students and awards scores; this is moderated by CXC. The SBA score contributes to the student’s overall examination grade. The percentage contributed by the SBA varies according to the subject.

With a CSEC certificate, students have several options to further their education, such as proceeding with CAPE or getting an associate or bachelor’s degree in the Caribbean region or the America’s, proceeding with MBO or HBO in the Netherlands, or entering the labor market.