GvP school


10 school rules

The Gwendoline van Putten school’s goal is to provide education to students that empower them to make healthy personal and educational choices. For these goals to be reached, we must establish school rules that provide a safe and secure environment for both teachers and students. 

All students will conduct themselves respectively and abide by the school’s rules as followed:


Students are required to be on-time for all classes.

Consequence: If late or absent without a valid reason it will result in afternoon detention slated for 3pm to 4pm.


A) Students must report to school and school related activities dressed in the appropriate uniform.

B) Students are permitted to dress appropriately casual on their Birthday.

Consequence: Inappropriate dress code will result in student being required to go home and change.


It is the responsibility of the student to have all required materials for their classes daily.

Consequence: 2 or more offenses in a class will result in student being required to engage in school assigned activity for an hour during their non-class session.


Students are prohibited from displaying and using the following items on the school grounds and during physical education classes: cell- or smart phones, headphones, ear buds and portable speakers.

Consequence: The item(s) will be confiscated for a period of:
– 2 days when it’s the student’s first time breaking this rule;
– 4 days when it’s the student’s second time; and
– 7 days when it’s the student’s third time (or more) that the student breaks this rule.


Eating or drinking is not allowed in the classroom unless permitted by the school for specific functions.

Consequences: For a first offence, student will be told to put it away. For noncooperation and for 2 or more offences student will be required to engage in a school assigned activity for an hour during their non-class session.


Students must keep the school and classroom clean by throwing trash in the designated bins.

Consequences: If caught littering once, student will be expected to remove and dispose the garbage correctly. Repeat offenders will be required to engage in school assigned activity for an hour during their non-class session.


A) During the break period or any free periods students are not permitted to leave the premises without first receiving permission from management backed up a valid letter request from parents.

B) Students with permission to leave the premises must possess a signed approval letter from the school.

Consequence: Students who leave without permission will be required to attend detention.


All Staff members reserve the right to discipline all students as it pertains to the rules and regulations of the institution.

Consequence: Students who ignore the instruction and are rude to the adult will be immediately suspended.


According to the bullying protocol, students are not allowed to indulge in bullying in any form be it verbal, physical, cyber, or social bullying, provoke fights or get involved in any form of physical violence.

Consequences: 1. Any violent act will result in immediate suspension. Extreme cases may result in expulsion. 2. Two or more acts of bullying will result in the student being given a corrective assignment on bullying afterschool.


Students are not allowed to have in their possession pointed or other types of objectives which can be used as weapons.

Consequence: Item(s) will be confiscated, parents called in and in extreme cases immediate suspension and possibly expulsion.