GvP school


Meet the management team

Principal's greeting

Dear GvP School community. It’s a great honor to start another school year as your Principal. Together with our teachers, support staff and school board, I am dedicated to continuing working hard in full support of our students, their education, and their wellbeing. I’m excited with all our initiatives to provide tailor made education, catering to the strengths of each student. It’s the school’s mission to offer students a challenging curriculum and an inspiring learning environment, that enables students to develop all of their talents, to build their self-esteem, to find their sense of self. We hope that students enjoy being at school, that they feel safe and respected. And that they get involved, in the classroom with projects and assignments, in the Student Council, in their House competitions, and in extracurricular activities. As all this is important for students to be able to learn, to grow and to succeed. Let us welcome each new school year with new energies and new hopes. For our students and ourselves, the GvP School community. Let us experience new things and learn things we never knew before. – Mrs. Fleur Lagcher

Vice principal's greeting

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students of the GVP School. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to another exciting school year filled with the possibility of great success for all. With a motivated, innovative and caring staff on hand we are well equipped with the skills to deliver an education which challenges our students and develops in them all the skills of the 21st century learner. As we embark on this new school year, it is my hope that we continue to work hand in hand for the benefit and success of our children. – Ms. Vanessa Bennett

CCSLC department head greeting

Dear parents, guardians, and students. As we embark on the journey of a new school year, I am thrilled to extend my warmest welcome to you all. Our dedicated and forward-thinking staff remain steadfast in their commitment to nurturing the holistic development of every student under our care. In the coming year, we will continue to challenge our students to leverage their intellect and physical abilities to explore a wide array of educational opportunities and skill development. The exciting news is that we will expand our extracurricular offerings through the house system, music and clubs providing a diverse range of activities. My sincere hope is that each student will discover a passion or interest to engage with throughout the school year, enriching their school experience and affording them the chance to shine within the GvP family. With enthusiasm and anticipation, – Mr. Elroy Agard

CVQ and PRO department head greeting

The Gwendoline van Putten School Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) Department and Practical Education Stream (PrO) would like to take his opportunity to welcome our new and returning students and parents. We are happy you are here, and we are looking forwards to a bright and productive new school year. It is our sincerest desire that all students will feel safe at school, but more importantly it is our expectation that parents, students and the Gwendoline van Putten School will work together to create a strong relationship that fosters student excellence. I am super excited, aren’t’ you? – Ms. Rijziena Hooker

CSEC department head greeting

I am grateful for the opportunity to welcome our students back to another scholastic year. These are exciting times educationally for our students as advances in our use of technology have afforded us the opportunity to better meet the scholastics needs of our students. I encourage both students and parents to embrace and make full use the many opportunities offered by the CXC system as our students now have the chance to further their tertiary education in Europe and North America as well as in the Caribbean. I wish all our stakeholders success as we work together to foster the holistic development of all our students as they strive for educational excellence. – Mr. Julian Hinckson