Mission & vision

The GvP ambition

In 2030 the GvP School will be a successful school with successful students in a student-centered school climate, that is safe and inspiring; a school that unlocks the motivation and desire of students to learn, providing a variety of opportunities for student success: academically, physically, technologically, vocationally and socially.

The GvP mission and vision

It’s our mission to be a school where respect for each other and everyone’s belief is part of the preparations for a successful future on Statia, the Caribbean and the world. We want to offer challenging education in which students can develop their talents optimally by learning to operate in a safe and inspiring learning environment inside and outside the school.

The 4 educational pillars of the GvP’s mission are:

  • a challenging curriculum;
  • education that is inspiring students;
  • tailor made education – catering to the strengths of each student; and
  • enhancing students’ sense of self and community spirit through extra-curricular activities.