Promotion standards

The criteria for promotion for CXC 2021/2022 are in process of being established with regards to the new system. We will keep you abreast of the changes. Changes in the promotion regulation, should be made before October 1, by the school director after consulting with the Management Team, the MR (school advisory council) and the school board.

Students and parents should be informed before October 1, about all details regarding promotion and the calculation of the report card grades. In the student promotion meetings kept at the end of each academic year it is determined who will be promoted to the next year. The leading qualitative consideration is the question: how much chance does this student have in the next class? The decision is not only based on the cognitive results obtained by a pupil but also on aspects like a student’s attitude, insight, critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, communication and independence. These aspects have been proven to have a predictive value for the rest of the study career.

Achieving higher standards

The Dutch Education Inspectorate (Inspectie van het Onderwijs) is the authority that checks the quality of education of our school. The Inspectorate has given us a couple of years to take education to a higher level, in the words of the Inspectorate, ‘on a level comparable to the Dutch standards for good education’. The school has completed the process mentioned above, and may count on the support of various institutions.

Most people on Statia are aware that over the last years many things have changed. This has also been true for the GvP School. As the Island became part of The Netherlands as a special municipality, the school is now guided by the Dutch BES laws regarding education.