Student council

The GVP School has a Student Body with a representative of each department/stream, to look into and handle students’ affairs. The Student Body has been instrumental in changing the dress code of the students. This Body meets once a month with their supervisor, and in some occasions with the school’s principal. The Student Body looks critically at school rules or at any changes that affect students; They organize student related activities, like the Christmas Gala, talent shows, fun time during breaks etc. Management and staff are very proud of the involvement of these students and would like with the help of parents to continue promote the existence and participation of a student body in school.

Parent involvement and parent representatives

Through the constitutional changes, it became imperative that schools become better prepared to work on the enhancement of their quality of education and gear their educational approach more towards the Dutch standards. This demands more input from all stakeholders. Parents are the first educators in the life of our students. Therefore it is of importance that they play a main role in this transition phase.

You are the ones who lay the foundation for further personal development and without you the school will not be successful in forming students into educated, highly skilled and assertive persons who can help further build the Statian community into a well grounded civil society. To be able to help the school in this very complicated but awesome task, the school chose to approach parents in the community to form a body of parent representatives to help us look at the educational system and relate it to the needs of the kids and the community that they are part of. The main task of parents on this legal body is to give feedback and to assist us with ideas on how to tackle certain issues concerning their children’s school education and performance.