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Adulting101 and Study Abroad Workshops WeConnect and Euxtopia

To ensure our exam class students are well prepared for transitioning into Adulthood as well as College and University life, the Gwendoline van Putten School is collaborating with Stichting WeConnect NL and Euxtopia to host a series of workshops.

Stichting WeConnect is an educational foundation, based in the Netherlands. WeConnect aims to connect the Caribbean islands with European Netherlands through, amongst others, educational projects. The foundation promotes the study success and wellbeing of the Caribbean students in the Netherlands. Please take a look at their website https://stichtingweconnect.nl/ for more information about this foundation and its projects.

The workshops will be held at GvP School in the months of October – December 2023. They are part of our LOB program and therefore mandatory: all exam class students are expected to attend these sessions, and are encouraged to actively engage.