GvP school


Vice Principal Bennett appointed as GvP School’s anti-bullying coordinator

Dear Parents/ Guardians,

This letter serves to inform you that management of the Gwendoline van Putten School has appointed the Vice Principal, Ms. Vanessa Bennett, to be the school’s anti-bullying coordinator. Ms. Bennett coordinates the anti-bullying policy, monitors the implementation of the anti-bullying protocol, and acts as the contact person where bullying is concerned.

The GvP School’s Protocol to Prevent and Stop Bullying is written for students, parents, and school staff and it represents the school’s policy with regards to bullying. It is part of the School Safety Policy and as such it relates to our Zero Tolerance Policy against (sexual) harassment, aggression, violence, bullying, and discrimination.

The anti-bulling protocol describes what is considered bullying, how bullying can be prevented and how to approach the situation when bullying occurs. The main purpose of the protocol is to prevent and confront bullying, by giving all stakeholders clarity on their role and responsibilities, and which actions the school takes after a bullying complaint has been received.

The anti-bullying protocol is available to students and parents on the school website: https://www.gvpschool.com/anti-bullying-protocol/. It will be regularly evaluated and updated when necessary, taking the feedback from our students and parents into account. We will be reaching out for your input the upcoming weeks.

Please be informed that on Thursday February 29th, 2024, we will organize a parent information meeting with the Cybercrime Team from KPCN, to receive information and discuss dealing with online- and cyberbullying.

Warm regards,

Fleur Lagcher
Principal GvP School